Industrial Supplies from Germany and Europe

We export high quality industrial supplies and equipment from Germany as well as Europe.

Besides general industrial supplies, we are happy to supply our normal product program (e.g. workplace systems, industrial mats, industrial scales, flooring, markings, tapes, proctection, Industry 4.0 solutions etc.) to our international customers. We offer a very broad range of high quality industrial mats and industrial flooring. Also we can send you our free samples for our high quality long lasting floor markings for testing purposes. Find here our guide how to apply self-adhesive floor markings in English.

Industrial Wholesaler for Industrial Supplies

What products we offer as an industrial wholesaler?

Products offered include cleanroom and industrial furniture, protection grids e.g. for datacentres, ATEX / industrial scales, ESD equipment, professional laundry furniture, marine / offshore supplies, heavy duty equipment, industrial mats, mobile noise absorbing mats as noise barriers for construction sites, floor marking tapes, magnetic warehouse labels, warehouse labelling, racking labels and other warehouse equipment.

Industral Supplies Wholesaler in Germany

Partner with us as your Commercial Agent for Industrial Supplies in Germany / DACH Region

Looking for a reliable commercial agent for industrial supplies in Germany / DACH region? Look no further. We specialize in providing top-quality industrial supplies and offer comprehensive commercial agency services tailored to your needs. With our expertise and extensive network, we streamline your supply chain and drive business success in the highly competitive German and DACH markets. We can also operate and manage the German language version of your online shop.

We understand the diverse needs of various sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, deep freeze, construction / heavy-duty, marine / offshore, and public services (including defense, police, jails and fire brigades).

As your commercial agent for industrial supplies in Germany/DACH, we have in-depth knowledge of the local market dynamics. We stay updated on the latest trends, customer demands, and industry developments, allowing us to provide strategic guidance for your market entry and expansion. Our extensive network of reliable suppliers and key industry players enables us to connect you with the right partners, ensuring competitive pricing and timely delivery.

We are focused on the following product categories:

  1. Customized Industrial Supplies: Tailored solutions to meet your unique industrial requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency in your operations.

  2. Specialized industrial / construction equipment rental: Offering a diverse range of specialized industrial and construction equipment for rent (with low turnover rate, but high rent) in Germany / DACH region.

  3. Private Label Services: Offering private label products in the field of industrial supplies / technical chemicals.

  4. Markings and Labels: Enhance safety, workflow, and identification in the industrial environment with high-quality (floor) markings and labels (with barcodes ...).

  5. Special Adhesives / Adhesive Tapes: Secure and bond components effectively with industrial-grade adhesives, ensuring reliable assemblies in various industrial processes.

  6. Working Mats: Provide a comfortable and safe working environment with our ergonomic working mats, offering anti-fatigue properties and slip resistance.

  7. Anti-Slip Solutions: Promote a secure working environment with our anti-slip solutions for floors, stairs, and other surfaces, reducing the risk of accidents.

  8. Special Industrial Flooring: Choose our durable and high-performance industrial flooring solutions for heavy-duty environments, offering strength, chemical resistance, and easy maintenance.

  9. Anti-vibration Solutions: Minimize vibrations and ensure smooth operations with our range of anti-vibration solutions, protecting equipment and personnel.

  10. Noise Protection Solutions: Create a quieter and more comfortable work environment with noise protection solutions, including soundproofing materials, acoustic barriers, and noise-cancelling technologies.

  11. Special Storage Supplies: Maximize storage capacity and maintain organization with our racks, shelves, and containers, streamlining your inventory management.

  12. Heavy-Duty Products: Partner with us as your commercial agent for heavy duty supplies in Germany/DACH region.

  13. Special Technical Chemicals/Cleaning Detergents: Keep workspaces clean and hygienic with technical chemicals and cleaning detergents, suitable for industrial equipment, machines, facilities and cars / trucks.

  14. Professional Laundry Supplies / Equipment: Partner with us as your commercial agent for laundry supplies and equipment in Germany/DACH region.

  15. Special Spill Containment Solutions / Tanks: Prevent environmental contamination and maintain workplace safety with our spill containment solutions, such as spill containment pallets, berms, absorbent materials, and spill response kits.

  16. Construction Equipment / Construction Supplies: Both are two critical aspects of any construction project, especially when considering the safety of both workers and the general public.

Discover our advanced Practical Industry 4.0 Solutions at the Industry 4.0 Shop ® - tested by the German industry

Explore DEDE Industrieausstattungen's Industry 4.0 Shop ® for swift and effective solutions that bring tangible benefits. Embrace the latest digital transformation solutions in collaboration with our curated German and international technology partners. Upgrade existing production lines and facilities to the 'Smart Factory' era with ease.

At DEDE Industrieausstattungen, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the rapidly evolving industrial landscape. That's why our Industry 4.0 Shop ® focuses on delivering solutions that not only keep you competitive but also enhance your operational efficiency.

Embark on the path to a 'Smart Factory' by upgrading your existing production lines and facilities with our innovative solutions. Our goal is to empower your business with the tools needed for a seamless digital transformation.

Why choose DEDE Industrieausstattungen for your Industry 4.0 needs?

  • Pragmatic Solutions: Our offerings are designed for practical implementation, ensuring quick and efficient results.
  • Trusted Technology Partners: Benefit from our collaborations with esteemed German and international technology partners.
  • Tangible Value: Experience real value with solutions that make a meaningful impact on your operations.
  • Seamless Integration: Our solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing setup, minimizing disruptions.

Transform your business with confidence. Explore the Industry 4.0 Shop ® and embrace the future of manufacturing with DEDE Industrieausstattungen.

Industrial Supplies Made in Germany

Offering international, multidisciplinary team for efficient project purchasing and special procurements in Germany / the DACH region

The importance of a strong procurement department is critical to successfully completing projects. DEDE Industrieausstattung recognises that adding international engineers to the team is key to successful procurement of materials and services. The team not only has broad, international expertise, but also a deep understanding of industry requirements.

The engineers are not only able to minimise risks, but also proactively take measures to mitigate them. This helps to complete projects on time and on budget.

DEDE Industrial Equipment also specializes in sourcing specialist products and solutions and can identify qualified niche manufacturers. Customers can benefit from this expansion and rely on the expertise and commitment of the multidisciplinary team. Clients can rely on us to meet their quality, schedule and budget requirements. Take advantage of our technical expertise and capacity to get the most out of your purchasing or construction projects.

Always looking for new innovative and high quality suppliers for industrial supplies

We look always for new international suppliers including startups with innovative, easy to use and high quality products (!) in the field of cleanroom furniture, heavy duty equiment, industrial flooring / mats, marking / labelling, taping, noise control, protection, Industry 4.0 solutions and other industrial needs or for similar marine / shipping / offshore requirements. Your product should have all the necessary certifications for the EU.

Beach head to enter the German / European market

We can act as a test-bed for the German market. We can also help international companies to set up a dedicated sales office or even a subsidiary as we are located in the geograhic and economic heart of Germany as well as Europe.

Please contact us now and let us know what your demand is.
Or just give us a call: +49-157- 3630 8261.

We export industrial supplies internationally, including to Guyana, Suriname, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, USA and Canada as well as Australia, Norway and Denmark.

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