Purchasing Agency and Industrial Wholesaler for Industrial Supplies in Germany / Europe

We export our high quality industrial supplies

We are happy to supply our normal product program (e.g. workplace systems, industrial mats, industrial scales, flooring, markings, tapes, proctection, Industry 4.0 solutions etc.) to our international customers. We offer a very broad range of high quality industrial mats and industrial flooring. Also we can send you our free samples for our high quality long lasting floor markings for testing purposes.

Industrial Wholesaler for Industrial Supplies

What products we offer as an industrial wholesaler?

Products offered include cleanroom and industrial furniture, protection grids e.g. for datacentres, ATEX / industrial scales, ESD equipment, professional laundry furniture, marine / offshore supplies, heavy duty equipment, industrial mats, floor marking tapes, magnetic warehouse labels, warehouse labelling, racking labels and other warehouse equipment.

Industral Supplies Wholesaler in Germany

Purchasing Agency / Buying Agent for the German and European market focused on industrial demand / supplies

Alternatively, we will find as a purchasing agency / buying agent for industrial supplies in Germany centrally located at the heart of EU / Europe the right suppliers for you. We supply to European and global customers located e.g. in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Always looking for new innovative and high quality suppliers for industrial supplies

We look always for new international suppliers including startups with innovative, easy to use and high quality products (!) in the field of cleanroom furniture, heavy duty equiment, industrial flooring / mats, marking / labelling, taping, noise control, protection, Industry 4.0 solutions and other industrial needs or for similar marine / shipping / offshore requirements. Your product should have all the necessary certifications for the EU.

Beach head to enter the German / European market

We can act as a test-bed for the German market. We can also help international companies to set up a dedicated sales office or even a subsidiary as we are located in the geograhic and economic heart of Germany as well as Europe.

Please contact us now and let us know what your demand is. Or just give us a call: +49-157- 3630 8261.